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Landscaping - Paving / Fencing / Gates
I am a keen arborist and horticulturalist, with a high knowledge of varieties, exotic and native, and a high understanding and respect for garden selection, plantings, layout and design from a practical commonsense background point of view.
High standards, skills and experience in weed and pest control [30 years]

Practical experience in domestic and farm fencing of all types.
Building - Maintenance / Renovation
Practical skills to a high level of personal standards and many years of involvement in repairs and all maintenance.
Weed and Pests Consulting & Control - Lawns / Gardens / General
Experience in agriculture amenity and horticulture for 30 years so a high competency in garden, lawn and general weed and pest control.

Pest control, lawn- porina, grass grub and Tasmanian grass grub, and general garden insect control.
Weed control – specific or general weed control in lawns including, specifics like onehunga weed[prickle weed] creeping oxalis and hydrocotyl, paspalum grass and summer grass selective control, or general broadleaf weeds.
Fungus control - fairy rings etc.
Moss control.
Fertiliser - both solid and foliar applications.

Pests and Diseases Insect control, caterpillar, aphids etc and fungous problems.
Weeds Vegetable and flower gardens, especially selective (no damage to crop or flowers) control of perennial grasses that can make a mess of gardens, such as couch and doab which can be a real headache to a serious gardener.

Weed control, long term, (total) on gravel driveways, under fences, around buildings etc.
Plumbing - [Outdoor] / Irrigation
Water reticulation and irrigation, new, additions or maintenance.
Treework - Removal / Trimming
Trimming, removing, planting and care. Extensive chainsaw experience and judgement.
Pest Control
Flies, Cockroaches etc.
Farm Services - Lifestyle (Small Block) and Commercial Contact Us
Arc only, general repairs and maintenance.
Water Systems and Plumbing
Farm and garden irrigation.
Fencing - Conventional and Electric
Repairs and extensions, yards etc.
Animal Health & Management
All aspects covered including drenching, vaccinating, lice and fly control, dagging, shearing and footrot attention.
Pasture Management
Pasture composition, weed control, fertilizing, pest control
Weed and Pest Consulting & Control
Weeds - 30 years of experience in this area including selective pasture weed control (spot treatment), fencelines, trees (release), yards, gardens and paths etc.

Pests - Identifying such as grass grub, Tasmanian grass grub, porina etc and recommendations for control in lawns and pasture.
Tree Work
Cutting and trimming, removal, planting and management including weed release.
Repair and maintenance - general repair of equipment and implements.
Building Maintenance
Very practical skills and many years of involvement in repairs and all maintenance.
Minding of properies over holiday periods.
Other Services Contact Us
Weed Control
Consulting and Control (Industrial & commercial). Yards, carparks, building perimeters - to improve appearance and reduce fire risk etc.
Tree Work
Removal, trimming, planting and care and ideas for planting selections.
Trailer loads for sale.
Instrument Repair - Drench guns and vaccinators
30 years experience in this area repairing drench guns and vaccinators.
Future opportunities.
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"I have had my lawn sprayed, with follow up treatments for the control of Paspalum grass last summer, and found Alltask prompt, efficient and knowledgeable, with advice on how long to leave the lawn after the last mowing before treatment, and how long to leave it after spraying.”

- Giles Grimston, Hastings.